2017 UK Trips

Have you decided on your 2017 diving dates this year? Why not check out our UK diving trips and dates this year. Contact us now and book your places to avoid disappointment.

If you don’t meet the minimum qualifications yet, don’t worry we can help work out a plan for you and get you there.

Scapa Flow, Orkney

Love wrecks? Then love Scapa, a world renowned location for wreck diving. In late 1918, the German High Seas Fleet arrived in Scapa Flow for internment. In 1919, on the belief that the British intended to seize their fleet, Rear Admiral Ludgwig von Reuter gave the order to scuttle every ship. Today the wrecks of three battleships, three light cruisers, a mine-layer and other wrecks remain on the seabed lying between a depth of 12m to 45m waiting to offer someone an amazing and rare diving experience.


Overnight trip

21st to 28th October

Minimum qualifications: PADI Advanced Open Water diver, with Drysuit and Deep  Speciality or equivalent.

Lochaline, Sound of Mull

The Sound of Mull is probably only second to Scapa Flow as the most well known Scottish dive sites. The Sound is famous for the clarity of its water and the abundance of marine life. There is a range  of scenic, wreck and drift diving to cater for a wide range of interests – and sometimes you get all of that in one dive.  Dolphins and porpoises are common sightings. Did we mention that there are basking sharks around in the summer too? They are the second largest living fish in the world! Each day typically revolves around having the most amazing dives, interspersed by a spot of fishing off the boat during surface intervals and the opportunity for you to hand dive for king scallops – seafood doesn’t come fresher than this.


Overnight trips

23rd to 25th June

22nd to 24th September

Minimum qualifications: PADI Advanced Open Water diver, with Drysuit Speciality or equivalent.

St. Abbs

A very popular east coast dive site situated in the St. Abbs and Eyemouth Marine Reserve. Explore the coral smothered gullies, admire the beauty of nudibranches and sea hares, watch male cuckoo wrasses show off their dazzling colours and see if you can spot the legendary wolf fish.


Day boats

15th and 16th April

20th and 21st May

18th June

15th and 16th July

19th and 20th August

16th and 17th September

Minimum qualifications: PADI Open Water diver, with Drysuit Speciality or equivalent.

Farne Islands

Diving in the Farne Islands is an assault on the senses with a variety of wreck and scenic dives on offer. It boasts one of the largest grey seal colonies in England – if you are looking for encounters with seals this is it. Be warned though – the seal pups come out to play in late September and October. They are very inquisitive and often come in to take a close look and even nibble on your fins!


Day boats

22nd and 23rd July

26th and 27th August

30th September and 1st October

14th and 15th October


Minimum qualifications: PADI Open Water diver, with Drysuit Speciality or equivalent.