Author: <span>DeepBlueScubaTrips</span>

Scapa Flow 2023

On Saturday 23 September, 12 intrepid DBS adventurers (myself, Abi, Andy, James, Gareth, Bungie, Aimee, Jorge, Ellis, Maria, Annabel, and Wiebke) boarded the MV Hamnavoe at Scrabster bound for Stromness and a week of diving in Scapa Flow.

It turned out to be quite a milestone week for three of our divers: Aimee reaching her 100th dive, James hit his 300th, and Bungie clocked up his 500th… Well done all of you, and I hope that your special dives will live long in your memory.

Farnes Seals

Flashback to 2018 and a trip to Farnes 🙂 Farnes has a lot of wildlife, above and below the water – our trips, usually in the latter part of the year, coincide with the arrival of the seal pups, and usually results in lots of playful interactions with divers.