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Becoming a certified diver… PADI Open Water Course

The PADI Open Water Course is the first step to exploring the underwater world, about 70% of the planet! It’s also the foundation of all PADI diver training, so it’s really just the start of a great adventure.  It qualifies divers to dive to 18 metres together with another qualified diver, around the world. Having finished the course, divers are also able to hire scuba equipment.
Before the course we will provide you with PADI Open Water Touch so you can learn the theory at your own pace.  You will be sent instructions to set this up on your computer, tablet or mobile device.  You will work through this digital course in your own time, please allow 12-15 hours  for this advance study.
Following this the Open Water course is usually completed over six sessions (four weekends) and includes diving theory, five pool dives and four open water dives. The first two sessions are split between classroom sessions and pool dives, allowing you to get comfortable in the new environment and get to know all scuba equipment. The remaining sessions consolidate pool learning, introduce drysuit orientation and the open water dives when you will put into practice in the sea all the skills learned in the swimming pool. Training in Scotland means you will do your open water dives in a drysuit, providing more warmth and comfort on your adventures.
After your course you will be qualified to dive anywhere in the world to a depth of 18metres. What’s more, having completed your course in a drysuit, you’re only one more dive away from achieving the Drysuit Diver Speciality as well.
Want to dive on holiday without braving Scottish waters? We can teach you all the theory and complete the two days of pool dives before your holiday.  This is called a “referral” because we will refer you to another dive centre to complete the rest of your course. Learn about the PADI Open Water Referral. This can be a useful option for 10 to 12 year olds.

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