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Newly Qualified Divers

Newly Qualified Divers

You have qualified as an open water diver, so what’s next?  You have just entered the world of diving and are keen to get back in the water! We provide support for new divers by offering a range of courses and support during your first dives.

PADI Speciality courses are a great way to build your dive skills and confidence. We have selected the three great specialities for the type of diving we do.  These courses will equip you with the skills needed for British diving.

“Dive back in” – PADI Dry Suit Diver

Your Open Water course was packed full of skills and you learned  a lot, but naturally you want to get back into the water and dive! Finishing off your PADI Dry Suit Diver with a single course dive  gives you the opportunity to do this because you have already learned how to dive in a drysuit, completing the speciality allows you to practice those skills with an Instructor and learn a little more (only available to DBS Open Water Students).  We follow this up with a fun skills or drills, just enjoy the dive, with an Instructor there for anything you need.

Includes: PADI Dry Suit Manual; Dive 2 of the specialty; An additional dive; Equipment Hire; Certification.

Cost: £100

“Be seen” – PADI SMB Diver

On the Open Water course, we dive from the shore, but many dive sites are best accessed by boat, for example the St Abbs Marine Reserve.  Having a boat there to pick you up at the end of a dive is very convenient, but they need to be able to see you to pick you up! We learn to use a delayed surface marker buoy to signal our location to the skipper and alert other boats in the area to our presence.  Using a DSMB is an essential skill for diving from a boat and we insist that each buddy pair have an SMB on our boat dives, and recommend that everyone has one.  That is why you will receive one as part of your PADI SMB Diver course!   We can complete this specialty anywhere, but is is a good option for a fun course from shore before you head out to sea! ….

Includes: Two course dives; An SMB and Reel (worth around £80)  Equipment Hire; Certification.

Cost: £180 (10% discount for members.)

“Set sail” – PADI Boat Diver

Diving from a boat is a lot of fun, the boat takes us to the best dive sites and picks us up without having to fin too far! Sometimes we see dolphins , seals and other wildlife on the way back to the harbor too!  There are special procedures on board a dive boat .. for example don’t sit in another diver’s space! ..and more safety procedures like how to use a dive lift!  Sign up for the PADI Boat Diver course on our St Abbs Trips and we will include the fee for the boat (usually £50) .. because lets face it, it is a bit tricky to become a PADI boat Diver without a boat!

Includes: PADI Boat Diver Manual; Two course dives; boat fee (usually £50); Equipment hire; Certification.

Cost: £180 (10% discount for members)

Collect five PADI specialities  (or PADI Adventure dives) and you can apply for PADI Advanced Open Water certification! Also, you will be well on your way to Master Scuba Diver.

Other great specialities for new open water divers include PADI Equipment Specialist and PADI Enriched Air Nitrox. Currently the PADI Drysuit and PADI Boat Dives may credit to PADI Advanced Open Water.  PADI DSMB does not.

To learn more about how PADI courses fit together, click on the image below.