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2022 trips

We are pleased to announce our trips schedule for 2022. This year sees the return of overnight trips, including to some new destinations. Of course, we will still be running day trips to all our local sites as well. As last year, members have a priority booking window and receive the best prices for all our trips.

For day trips, we will be heading to St Abbs to visit our local world-class dive sites and back to the Farne Islands in October to visit the seals. Following the success of our first visit to the Clyde, we return again this year.

Club-favourite Lochaline is back on the calendar this year for a couple of three night trips. In response to the trip survey last summer, we have two new overnight destinations; Kinlochbervie and Oban. We will have 5 days in Kinlochbervie to explore the reefs and walls of northern Scotland. The highlight of our Oban trip will be a stunning floodlit night dive over the wreck of the Breda.

Looking further ahead to the 2023 season, we’ve also managed to secure a week on a liveaboard in Scapa Flow. This will give you plenty of time to get prepared before we head to the famous German Fleet wrecks.

We’ll continue to offer fun diving along with our training courses at Loch Long – perfect for practicing or simply keeping up those skills.

All our trips are priced for certified drysuit divers to execute their dives in a buddy pair – following the directions of the skipper and launching a dSMB when necessary. If that’s not yet where you’re at, we can provide a guide at extra cost.

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