Deep Blue Scuba

PADI Open Water Touch – What to expect

When you sign up for PADI Open Water with us, we will provide you with a code to access and download PADI Open Water Touch.  You will need to follow the steps below before attending for your course.  If you need further support with accessing and setting up PADI Open Water Touch, please call PADI Customer Services on 0117 300 7234.

  1. Set up
    1. You will receive an email from PADI with instructions to set up your PADI account and redeem the code for PADI Open Water Touch.
    2. Follow the instructions in the email, see here for a detailed guide.
    3. Log in at > LOGIN > Certification Paks 
    4. You will see all of the products available to you in your PADI Digital Product Suite.
    5. If you are accessing the PADI Digital Product Suite on a computer or laptop, you can view and complete the course via your internet browser.
    6. If you have a tablet or mobile device, first download the PADI Library app to your device.
      1. Open the PADI Library app (Apple or Android) and click the top right menu icon to “sign in”.
      2. Sign in with you PADI account email and password (this must be the same one as above).
      3. You will automatically see a range of PADI Digital.
      4. Click on these products to download them to your device (allow them time to fully download.
  2. Work through
    1. Either open your PADI Library app on your mobile device or login to the PADI Digital Product suite on your laptop or computer.
    2. You will have a range of digital products including:
      1. PADI Open Water Touch
      2. PADI Open Water Manual
      3. eRDP
      4. Using a computer
    3. Open PADI Open Water Touch.  There are five sections, navigated like this.
    4. Learn about diving interactively with the reading, images and video in each section.
    5. At the end of each section you will complete a Knowledge Review and Section Quiz. These MUST be completed before you attend for your course.
    6. At the end you will take a Final Exam.
    7. Also work through and complete the eRDP.
  3. Send results
    1. Complete all sections as above.
    2. Access your eRecord. It will look like this eRecord Sample.
    3. Check that you have passed ALL:
      1. Knowledge Reviews
      2. Quizzes
      3. Final Exams
      4. eRDP
    4. Email your eRecord to [email protected] so that we know you are ready to begin the practical sessions at the classroom and pool.